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Brittani Barger

Based in East Tennessee, Brittani Barger is a royal, commentator, journalist, and ALS Advocate.
After joining the site as a blogger in January 2016, she currently serves as the Deputy Editor for Royal Central - the largest independent source for royal news on the web.
You can read her articles here:
She also currently contributes to History of Royal Women.
She has been featured in several podcasts, international royal publications, news broadcasts and assisted in segments for national news stations. 
She traveled to Thailand alongside Princess Tessy of Luxembourg in July 2019 where she spoke at the Professors Without Borders conference and received exclusive insight into the work Tessy does with her NGO and charitable endeavors. 
While knowledgeable about all royal families of the world, she specializes in the royal houses of Europe, with a particular focus and extensive knowledge of the British and Swedish royal families. 
She holds a degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in political science and history. She holds a master's degree from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, in sports leadership. 
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